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How partner payouts work at TurboBoost

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TurboBoost is proud to offer self-service partner revenue share payouts for qualified partners.

Qualified partners (known as TurboBoost Agency and/or Affiliate Partners) are eligble for payouts related to the stores affiliates with their account via refreral. The way referrals are handled can be found in another help article listed here.

Who is eligible for a partner payout?

Participants who are part of the TurboBoost Agency Program and/or Affiliate program are generally eligble for revenue share payouts from TurboBoost. To confirm your eligibility please reach out to

How do payouts work?

TurboBoost's payouts are handled directly through your affiliate account which is by Shoffi. Once you have signed up here, you will be able to check your account status, payouts, active referrals and more directly within Shoffi. Note: We are working to add an in dashboard affiliate page for stores that would like to utilize that option as well.

Each time a partner-referred store is billed by TurboBoost, your revenue is tracked in the program. Once that threshold has met or exceeded $100, you have a payout available to you. You will have to manually claim your payout from your account as TurboBoost does not periodically or automatically trigger these payouts for partners on their behalf. This is a self-serve program.

What happens when a payout is claimed?

Once you've hit your minimum threshold ($100), you will have the "Request Payout" button available to use. Once you click this and request a payout, it will be approved and sent to your registered PayPal account.

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