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TurboBoost Agency Partner Program
TurboBoost Agency Partner Program

As a certified TurboBoost agency partner, you unlock access to resources & tools to grow yours, and your client's businesses

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TurboBoost empowers Ecommerce marketers and business owners to boost conversions and optimize their website speed, images and SEO in just a few clicks. Together, we can empower brands to grow and improve customer experience through the latest tech.

As a certified TurboBoost agency partner, you unlock access to resources & tools to grow your business and client's businesses such as revenue growth opportunities, dedicated partner manager, personalized co-marketing opportunities, prioritized support, and more!

Agency Partner Program Benefits






MRR referred


$1,001- $4,999

$5,000 - $9,999




15% for 12 months

20% for 12 months

25% for 12 months

30% for 12 months

Listing in Partner Directory

Listed & Searchable

Listed & Badged

Listed & Badged

Prioritized & Badged

Access to marketing assets and content

Access to TurboBoost Experts for Hire

Customer Success Support Training


Dedicated Partner Manager



Dedicated Partner Marketing Contact



Co-hosted merchant events



Beta testing new features



Custom Newsletter Feature





Blog Content & Feature Posts





Promoted in TurboBoost Marketing





Program Requirements

Application Approval

In order for TurboBoost to evaluate if your agency is a good fit for our Agency Partner Program, we’d like to learn more about your business, what services you provide, your typical clients and other aspects to determine success in the Program. Fill out our Agency Partner Program form to get started.

Once the form is completed, our team will review your application and reach out to discuss next steps if there’s a good fit.

Partner Tiers

Partner tiers will be reviewed and assessed on a quarterly basis to determine appropriate Agency tier. MRR will be calculated on a rolling 12 month period to assess performance overall, and Partners will be notified of any changes to their tier status as assessed. All tiers are required to list TurboBoost logo at minimum on their website. TurboBooost reserves the right to use discretion as needed when evaluating a Partner’s tier eligibility.

Platinum and Diamond Requirements

TurboBoost Brand Visible on Partner’s Website

Partners who have achieved Platinum or Diamond are required to mention TurboBoost on their website. This can be including the TurboBoost logo, your partner tier badge, linking to the TurboBoost website or promoting TurboBoost focused content.

Program Benefits

Revenue Share

Partners are eligible for revenue share once they’ve signed up and been approved. Once you are approved, you will be sent a link to sign up for the revenue share platform. The percentage of commissions paid out and length of time is dependent upon Agency tier. Refer to expanded benefit chart for detail on percentage and length of time based on tier.

Merchant Referrals

To make a merchant referral, you should reach out to your dedicated Partner Manager and register the lead within your PartnerPage account. At minimum the lead needs to install and be linked to your affiliate link.

Store Attribution

If a referral has been accepted and a brand signs up for TurboBoost products, we will attribute the brand to your account for revenue share that is paid out after 30 days from the brand signing on with TurboBoost services.

In order to be paid commissions as part of the TurboBoost Agency Program, an Agency must submit the brand as a referral in PartnerPage or sign them up through their Shoffi affiliate link. If a Partner believes a brand is not accurately attributed to the Agency account, the partner has 30 days from point of payment to inform TurboBoost of the error. Partners can reach out to their Partner Manager or Support if they believe there are errors with commission payments for revenue share.

TurboBoost Partner Manager

TurboBoost Partner Managers are reserved for our Platinum & Diamond partners. They will elevate your relationship with TurboBoost by providing exclusive opportunities to participate in programs, enable you & your team to sell TurboBoost effectively, facilitate growth & help you hit targets by passing relevant opportunities. Your partner manager will be your direct point of contact for TurboBoost and will advocate for your agency.

Partner Directory Listing

All partners are able to be viewed on the TurboBoost Agency Partner Directory. TurboBoost merchants use this directory to identify agency partners when in need of design, development, marketing and retention services.

TurboBoost Partner Portal

All partners have access to the TurboBoost Agency Partner Portal, which can be accessed through PartnerPage and Shoffi. The portal will track all incoming referrals and give you access to resources & co-marketing materials.



The TurboBoost Agency Partner Portal includes a Co-Marketing Center. This includes all go-to-market assets including logos, flyers, case studies, and more. If you need these and cannot access, feel free to email support or ask your Partner Manager.

Dedicated Partner Marketing Contact & Access to Opportunities

All Platinum and Diamond partners will have access to our Partner Marketing team. Together, you will strategize and create an Annual Marketing Plan that creates shared meaningful opportunities to boost brand awareness, drive lead generation, and deepen industry relationships.

Co-Hosted Merchant Events

All Platinum and Diamond partners will get priority access to join in and collaborate on co hosted DTC events.

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