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Installing or Uninstalling TurboBoost
Installing or Uninstalling TurboBoost

A quick tutorial on how to install or uninstall our app

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Installing TurboBoost

The TurboBoost installation is super straightforward and can be completed in under 5 minutes with just a few steps. To begin, access your Shopify admin portal and log in. From there, you have a few options: either click the "Add Apps" button and search for TurboBoost using the top search bar, or navigate directly to the Shopify App Store and search for TurboBoost or Pagespeed. For ease of use, you can click here to be directed to our app store listing.

Upon reaching the app store, you will need to click "Add App" on the listing. This action requires you to accept the terms and conditions on the new page prior to app installation beginning.

And that's all it takes! TurboBoost is now installed on your store and you've taken the first step to optimizing your website and pagespeed/SEO.

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