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How is my bill calculated?
How is my bill calculated?

Learn how TurboBoost calculates and issues billing charges

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Plans are billed monthly and composed of a base rate (recurring charge) & additional usage fees that may be applied:

Monthly Recurring

We offer (5) five plans

  • Basic plan - you will be billed $0/mo

  • Starter - you will be billed $15/mo

  • Growth - you will be billed at $40/mo

  • Pro - you will be billed at $150/mo

  • Enterprise - you will be billed a Custom Amount

Usage Charges

For all plans, we charge $15 per additional 5,000 page views above and beyond your plans default page view amount For example, you are subscribed to Growth which has 200,000/mo page views included, should you go over, you'll be billed an additional $15 on top of the $40 recurring which grants you up to 205,000 page views. We post charges every day for a total of 30 charges every 30-day billing cycle. These charges are directly related to your page views and CDN usage and are non-refundable.

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