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TurboBoost's Refund Policy
TurboBoost's Refund Policy

Info on our guarentee and refund policy

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We have a 7 day trial and 14-day moneyback guarantee. If you aren't happy with the results, you don't pay.

If you are looking to get a refund, you are eligble within 7 days of your trial ending. Usage charges are non refundable.

Upon completion of your 7-day trial (for Starter, Growth, Pro & Enterprise plans), we automatically begin billing your account. All invoices are handled through Shopify's billing api. TurboBoost will post charges for recurring, one time and usage charges. We review each refund request on a case by case basis and if not eligble for a refund, you may be eligble for an in-app credit.

In most cases, an app credit is issued to the merchant.

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